Cat Species Classification

Due to new DNA evidence, the cat family tree has changed considerably over the last decade. Many of the cats have new scientific names, some new species have been declared, and some species have been reclassified as subspecies. Genetic research has revealed some very interesting things but the results are not set in stone. These classifications show how the cat species are related to each other - as far as we know right now. Some information (especially the subspecies classification) is heavily disputed and likely to change over time.

Caracal Lineage
Caracal aurata
Caracal caracal
Leptailurus serval
Felis Lineage
Felis chaus
Felis margarita
Felis nigripes
Felis silvestris
Otocolobus manul
Leopardus Lineage
Leopardus colocolo
Leopardus geoffroyi
Leopardus guigna
Leopardus jacobita
Leopardus pardalis
Leopardus tigrinus
Leopardus wiedii
Lynx Lineage
Lynx canadensis
Lynx lynx
Lynx pardinus
Lynx rufus
Panthera Lineage
Neofelis diardi
Neofelis nebulosa
Panthera leo
Panthera onca
Panthera pardus
Panthera tigris
Panthera uncia
Pardofelis Lineage
Pardofelis badia
Pardofelis marmorata
Pardofelis temminckii
Prionailurus Lineage
Prionailurus bengalensis
Prionailurus planiceps
Prionailurus rubiginosus
Prionailurus viverrinus
Puma Lineage
Acinonyx jubatus
Puma concolor
Puma yagouaroundi
There are currently 36 cat species.
Updated July 2009
References: IUCN Red List and the Integrated Taxonomic Information System

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