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Big Cats and Wild Cats Study Guide


  1. Are leopards native to the Middle East?

  2. Are there any venemous cat species?

  3. How fast can a cheetah run?

  4. What do cheetahs look like?

  5. What does the Bornean Bay Cat look like?

  6. What is the Pumas favorite food?

  7. Where do cheetahs live?

  8. Where do Kodkods live?

  9. Where do snow leopards live?

  10. Where do tigers live?

  11. Where does the Asiatic Lion live?

  12. Where does the black-footed cat live?

  13. Where does the Iberian Lynx live?

  14. Which big cats have a melanistic variant?

  15. Which cat is known as "el tigre" in Latin America?

  16. Which cat species has the largest range in latitude?

  17. Which civilization domesticated the wildcat?

  18. Which species of cat is the ancestor of the domestic cat?

  19. Which species of cat is the largest?

  20. Which species of cat is the smallest?

  21. Which species of cats can roar?

  22. Which tiger subspecies lives in Indonesia?


  1. Bearcats belong to which taxon family?

  2. Catamounts belong to which taxon family?

  3. Eyra Cat is another name for which cat?

  4. Fossa Cats belong to which taxon family?

  5. How many cheetahs are left in the wild?

  6. How many chromosomes do most cats have?

  7. How many lions are left in the wild?

  8. Miracinonyx is a relative of which type of cat?

  9. Tasmanian Tigers belong to which taxon family?

  10. The African Golden Cat is most closely related to which other cat?

  11. The jaguarundi is most closely related to which big cats?

  12. The largest cat species is how many times heavier than the smallest cat species?

  13. The tiger has how many extant subspecies?

  14. There are how many species of wild cats?

  15. What is the biggest threat to the Wildcat?

  16. What is the common name for Panthera tigris jacksoni?

  17. What is the name given to the earliest known cat?

  18. Where does the Onza live?

  19. Which cat species has a footprint that appears to be canine?

  20. Which cat species has proportionally the largest teeth?

  21. Which cat species is also known as the swamp cat?

  22. Which country has the largest number of cat species?

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