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Do you support farming tigers for furs, delicacies, and traditional medicines?
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It has been argued that farming captive tigers will save wild tigers by reducing the demand for wild tiger parts.

While there are claims that farming helped to save alligators from extinction, bears have not been so fortunate. Bear farming is legal in China but poaching continues throughout the world. Is there any reason to think this wouldn't happen for tigers as well?

If tiger parts could be sold legally, it would be very difficult to determine if the products came from farmed tigers or from wild tigers. It might be possible in some cases, using DNA samples, but that would deter law enforcement due to the expense.

People who do not have access to farmed tigers would still kill wild tigers. Poachers are going to try and make a living somehow, and the existence of farms wouldn't remove that option, even if (as proponents predict) they made less money than before.

There is also the issue of wild tiger parts being perceived as more valuable or 'potent'. Buyers might be willing to pay even more for wild tiger parts, thereby increasing demand.

And finally, many people seem to believe that if an animal is common in one place (such as in captivity) then there is no need to preserve that animal in other areas. Would tigers be extinct if there were captive tigers but no wild tigers? You decide.

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