Learn to Identify the Big Cats

Study pictures of the big cats so that you can learn to tell them apart.

Species Classification

Learn the scientific names for all the cat species and how the cats are related to each other.

Vulnerability Status

Every single cat species is in trouble. Learn which ones are at the highest risk of extinction.

Weight Comparision

Learn which cat species are the biggest, which ones are the smallest, and everyone inbetween.

World Regions

Learn where all the cats live and if there are any in your neighborhood.

Fossil History

Fossils show that cats have been around for at least thirty million years, but these aren't the same cats that we know now.

All About Cheetahs

Cheetahs were the inspiration for BigCats.com. Learn all about cheetahs here.

Q & A Study Guide

Cat facts and figures for those who enjoy learning new things.


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