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How fast can a cheetah run?

70 mph (112 kph)


A single female cheetah in captivity was accurately timed to run approximately 200 meters in 7 seconds, giving a speed of 29 meters per second (or 64 miles per hour). The cheetah had a running start, and the results are the average of three separate runs with rest in between.

Although this test was done with just one cat, the results seem to have been accepted as representative of cheetahs in general. Other speed estimates have been higher, but the measurements were not as precise so the results are assumed to be less accurate.

Also, the speed of 29 meters per second is an average over 200 meters, which means that it is likely that the cheetah was running faster than this for some sub-intervals. Given all the variables here, a top speed of roughly 70 mph (112 kph) seems reasonable, but it is just an estimate.

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